CPNP-AC Fact Sheet

Get the latest data on the CPNP-AC exam
We are currently preparing to launch new exam forms and therefore are implementing a testing blackout period which begins Wednesday, February 13.  Candidates will be provided updated eligibility notification as it becomes available. The new testing window will be April 15 to May 5, 2019. Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Please contact PNCB at exam@pncb.org with any questions. Blackout Notice for Prospective Employers. Press Release: PNCB Announces CPNP-AC Exam ActionSee updates and FAQs here

CPNP-AC Exam Facts

Applicants and faculty: Learn the latest statistics about the Acute Care Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP-AC) exam.

  • What’s the number 1 applicant issue?
  • What are key timelines in the process?
  • What’s the first-time pass rate?

Download a PDF of the infographic below.

CPNP-AC Exam Fact Sheet


Faces of Certification

PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the US and beyond. Share your photo today!

Dorothy Chinnock, CPNP-PC Northern Valley Indian Health Chico, CA
Raulin Feria, CPN Huntington Memorial Hospital Pasadena, CA
Latasha Ivey, CPN Sibley Heart Center Cardiology Atlanta, GA
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