How Do We Enroll?

Learn how employers can participate in PNCB's No Pass, No Pay program
Now No Minimums!
PNCB no longer requires a minimum number of nurses testing per year for No Pass, No Pay participation.

How Do We Enroll in PNCB's No Pass, No Pay Program?

It’s easy! No minimum number of nurses testing per year is required. Your site can start any time of the year. There is no participation or enrollment fee for No Pass, No Pay.

Step 1: Determine your facility's interest level.

Talk to clinical educators, unit managers, and pediatric nurses to see if RNs from your hospital/organization would like to become CPN-certified within the next year. They don’t have to apply for the exam yet, and you don’t have to provide a list of names, but it’s a good plan to know that your site has enough interest to move forward.

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Step 2: Decide who will be the No Pass, No Pay Contact Person at your site.

You can change this later, or designate more than one contact person. This individual has oversight for the program at the local site level for the participating hospital or employer. While employers occasionally designate a human resources staffer in this role, it is helpful to have at least one No Pass, No Pay contact who works closely with the nursing staff. The contact is responsible for

  • Managing the code for dissemination to eligible nurses.
  • Monitoring weekly interim reports of nurses who apply using the code.
  • At many participating locations, contacts also serve as key resources for information about the exam process. They display posters, distribute brochures, and talk about the exam at department meetings, review courses, certification/skills fairs and other events.

You will also need to designate a financial contact for your facility. This may be the same person as the staff contact, or may be someone who works in accounts payable/HR. Your financial contact is responsible for paying monthly invoices within 30 days.

Step 3: Contact PNCB for a "clean copy" of the No Pass, No Pay agreement for your location to review and sign.

  • Request the Word version of the contract from for review.
  • Once the appropriate person at your hospital/organization has signed the agreement and returned it to PNCB, we’ll countersign and send it back to your contact person, along with your location's unique No Pass, No Pay enrollment code and a welcome kit.
  • Next we’ll set up a quick call with your contact(s) to share best practices for a successful program. That's it! Then you’ll be ready for nurses to start preparing and applying for the CPN exam.
  • Contact us at 1-888-641-2767 ext. 364, or with any questions. Thank you for joining the 180+ employers who offer this great benefit for pediatric RNs!

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