No Pass, No Pay

Support CPN testing with no risk and no minimums... and Recert fees too!

Nurses get 2 attempts per contract year to pass the CPN exam. If they don't pass on either attempt, PNCB absorbs the failed exam fees.

No Minimums!
PNCB does not require a minimum number of nurses testing per year for No Pass, No Pay participation.

PNCB No Pass, No Pay® Certification Support Program


Support CPN Certification for Nurses—with no risk!

PNCB’s No Pass, No Pay is the pioneering, award-winning employer program to help nurses earn the gold standard in pediatric RN certification — PNCB's Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) — with zero financial risk to nurses and employers. No Pass, No Pay supports recertification too.

Personalize this No Pass, No Pay justification letter and share the CPN Fact Sheet to inform your leadership about this program. Show leadership this list of who offers No Pass, No Pay to support your request to join.

Request the contract by contacting [Note: The contract is not for personal/individual use, but for organizations/employers to join the program and offer the benefit institution-wide.]


How PNCB’s No Pass, No Pay works:

  • Hospitals, clinics, home healthcare, travel, therapeutic daycares, and other employers enroll in PNCB's No Pass, No Pay for 12 months. There are no longer any minimum number of nurses to test per contract year required. There is no cost for employers to enroll.
  • Nurses get 2 attempts per contract year to pass the CPN exam (4 attempts max per nurse over time). If they don’t pass on either attempt, PNCB absorbs the failed exam fees.*
  • Enrolled employers pay monthly exam invoices only for nurses who pass. The exam fee is $300 per successful nurse.
  • Nurses and employers receive free, ongoing program guidance, informational and promotional materials, one-to-one support, and onsite recruitment assistance from trained and dedicated PNCB staff.
  • PNCB No Pass, No Pay-enrolled employers can also add CPN practice tests and recertification fees to the program to support preparation and staying certified!

Thank you for offering this program. It's one of the best things we have done for our nurses!

- No Pass, No Pay Employer Facilitator

Everyone wins when more certified nurses provide care for children: employers, nurses—and most importantly—patients and their families. Sign up for PNCB’s No Pass, No Pay today! Contact to learn more and get started.

How to Enroll

It’s easy! No minimum number of nurses testing per year is required. Your site can start any time of the year.

Get Started

How does No Pass, No Pay work? What are policies and best practices? Explore answers to FAQs by topic area.

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Next Steps after Joining

What happens after an employer joins No Pass, No Pay? Walk through the steps for a successful program.

Next Steps after Joining
Pay Recert Fees too?

Employers can add recertification fees to their contract for further support to RNs. Acute and Primary Care Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners can be added too.

No Pass, No Pay for Recert

* Cancelling a test appointment without rescheduling or not scheduling to test counts as one use of the code. If they do not show for their scheduled appointment ("no-show"), then they cannot use the code benefit again in the future.

Faces of Certification

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Karen Capusan, CPNP-PC Northwell Health New Hyde Park, NY
Jesse Kay, CPN, CPNP-AC Children's Hospital Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
Tyler Simpson, CPNP-PC, CPN Arkansas Children's Hospital Little Rock, AR
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