Primary source & other verifications of certification

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Verification of Certification

Select from the options below to request verification.

For CPNP-AC or CPNP-PC eligibility to sit for the exam for yourself/state board or CPN credit verification for Excelsior College, email to request these special types of verification.

Verification fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Please review all instructions included in your verification order.

  • I am certified

    If you are a PNCB-certified nursing professional ordering primary source verification of your active certified status for employment, state board, legal, or other purposes, use this section. 

    • Check the instructions below for which verifications are already free and automatic with your initial exam and Recert.
    • To order verifications, you will log in and use the link: "Order Self Verification: I am Certified"
  • I am an employer/agency

    Employers, agencies, or other third parties needing primary source verification of PNCB nursing professionals: 

    • Already have a PNCB account? Log in below and select: "Order Verification: I am an Employer/Third Party
    • Don't have a PNCB account? Click Log in to order, then "New Customer" to create an account, then navigate to your new portal and click: "Order Verification: I am an Employer/Third Party

Which verifications are free and automatic?

When you first earn certification, PNCB notifies up to two (2) state board(s) of nursing you listed on your application/enrollment form for free. Each time you recertify, PNCB notifies all state boards you list on the license screen of your Recert application (if you are planning to apply to a state board for new licensure, you cannot request a verification to be sent through the recertification application).

If you need official verification for work or other purposes beyond the free verification described above, order verification here under Applications/Forms.


Verifications upon initial certification:

  • Free and automatic for up to 2 state boards listed on your certification application.
  • $60 per verification for additional state boards and any employers/third parties.


Verifications upon each recertification:

  • Free and automatic to all state boards you list on the license screen (if you are planning to apply to a state board for new licensure, you cannot request a verification to be sent through the recertification application).
  • $60 per verification for additional state boards and any employers/third parties.


Did you know?

  • Verification is available 24/7 to all state boards of nursing. A board can verify or re-verify information on demand and as many times as needed.
  • No additional paperwork is needed for your verification, such as releases or state board of nursing forms. Our primary source verification is accepted by all parties without this additional paperwork.
  • Verification of current certification reflects the expiration date of your most recent certification renewal.
  • If you change boards after an exam or recertification application is submitted, or due to a move, you will need to order verification for the new board.


PNCB accepts credit cards or ACH electronic checks.

  • Verifications are emailed from our office to the email address provided as soon as payment is received and processed.

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