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Requirements, address, and FAQs
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PMHS Transcript Information

To complete your application, you must arrange to have your final, official transcript sent directly from your school or transcript clearinghouse to PNCB to complete your application. Please provide the school's registrar's office or transcript service with PNCB's address below.

  • Note for CPNP-PC candidates: Email to verify if your transcript is on file.


Effective for November 2017 testing and beyond:

If you don’t have a master’s degree or above in nursing but you meet the following requirements, you may still apply:

  • currently certified and licensed in the role/population foci described under Eligibility
  • educated prior to 1992 when a Master’s degree in an advanced nursing practice role was not required

You will need to arrange for your school registrar to submit the transcript used to acquire certification and licensure.


What must show on the transcript?

  1. Degree Awarded*
  2. Date Degree Conferred*
  3. The Role (NP)*
  4. The Population Focus: Needs to state one of the below*
  • Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Child/Adolescent Psychiatric CNS
  • Child/Adolescent Mental Health CNS


*If not included, have your Program Director send an official letter with this information. Contact if neither transcript nor registrar's letter conform to these requirements as required by the National Task Force Criteria and the APRN Consensus Model.

It's your responsibility to contact your school's registrar's office or transcript service, request that a final transcript be sent directly to PNCB, and pay any fee for that process.

A final transcript means that your degree has been posted on this document. Although you may have already filled out PNCB's online exam application, your application is not considered complete until we receive your final transcript. PNCB will review your full application once it is complete.

Sending an unofficial transcript will delay your application review.

All transcripts must be sent directly to PNCB from the registrar's office of the educational institution or by a transcript service such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment. It may be on official letterhead, bear its official seal, or be sent electronically as described below.

It is the candidate's responsibility to request the transcript. PNCB will not accept transcripts from exam candidates.

  • For Electronic Transcripts: PNCB will accept electronic transcripts provided by the school and sent directly from the registrar's office or a transcript service such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment. Transcripts must be sent directly to using a secure document transfer method. Password protected PDF documents are not acceptable. PNCB reserves the right to request a hard copy of a transcript.
  • For Mailed Transcripts: Your school may mail your official transcripts directly to the address in the section below. Due to the pandemic, processing of mail and packages received in our office may be delayed between 2 to 5 days. We appreciate your patience.

Have your school mail your official transcript(s) to the address below or have your school email an electronic transcript to following the procedures under "What will PNCB accept for my transcript?" above.

Due to the pandemic, processing of mail and packages received in our office may be delayed between 2 to 5 days. We appreciate your patience.

Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
c/o Transcript Registrar
2101 Gaither Road, Suite 150
Rockville, Maryland 20850

If the APRN education that allows you to sit for the PMHS exam is a post-graduate certificate:

  • in the role and population of pediatric primary care NP, family NP, family psychiatric NP, child/adolescent psychiatric CNS or child/adolescent mental health CNS,
    • then you will required to submit a transcript from that certificate program plus a transcript from the degree granting program for your masters or doctorate in nursing.

The post-graduate certificate transcript must contain the following:

  • Listing of all post-master's coursework
  • Date when the post-master's program was completed
  • The role (NP or CNS) and population focus of the program

If your academic institution does not include the above documentation in the transcript, PNCB staff will contact your program director for additional information.

All post-graduate certificate program applicants must possess a minimum of a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctorate of Nursing degree from a nationally accredited program. Additional documentation is required for candidates with a master's or doctorate from a non-US based graduate nursing program.

PNCB requires information documenting the process used by your program faculty to determine the equivalency of a non-US based or foreign transcript to a nationally accredited US master's or doctorate level nurse practitioner education. Candidates can contact to learn more.

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