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African-American Nurse Practitioner with sad Caucasian child

Pediatric Updates: Behavioral / Mental Health Focus 2023
More kids than ever are in crisis and waiting for access to behavioral/mental health care. And they’re probably in your waiting room. You are in the right place to help. Give them their best shot at a healthier today—and tomorrow—with this targeted in-depth module. Filled with evidence-based information, it will increase your knowledge and position you as a change agent for emotional well-being. $85, 7.5 contact hours. Learn more>>

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Pediatric Updates: Psychopharmacology: 4th Edition
Eating disorders, sleep, ADHD, and more: PNCB's fourth edition of all new in-depth psychopharmacology CE includes 12 journal articles for your references. Topics include insomnia, restless leg syndrome, serotonin syndrome, eating disorders with comorbidities, medications used for the management of explosive behaviors, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in children, plus medication options for children with ADHD and co-occurring Tourette’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, or substance use disorders. Whether you treat and prescribe—or manage other care for youth experiencing these conditions under another provider's care—this is another must-take module. $85, 7.5 contact hours. Learn more >

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PNP or FNP Roles in Primary Care, Inpatient Cardiology, and in Providing Trauma-Informed Care
Thinking about a nurse practitioner career—or switching NP roles? Step into PNCB's virtual poster session to explore three varied facets of the profession: inpatient cardiology, providing trauma-informed care, and primary care. 1.0 contact hours. Learn more>>

Mother on phone, ignoring her children

The Child in Room 2: Adverse Effects of Parental Phubbing
Anyone can learn with PNCB’s new bite-sized Journal Club CE—article included! Cell phones connect us to the world, but they have a dark side. Are you familiar with phone snubbing or “phubbing” and its impact on family relationships? Use this journal-based module to explore adverse effects, caregivers most at risk, and guidance on healthy patterns of technology use. $15, 1.0 contact hours. Learn more>>

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Tyneisha Orr, CPNP-PC Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha, NE
Amairani Jimenez, CPN Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii
Gia Nguyen, CPNP-AC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Arlington, VA
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