Reinstatement of Certification

Policies & Procedures

Reinstatement of Certification

Has your certification recently lapsed? Are you interested in regaining your certification?

Our reinstatement program provides a way for nurses who are lapsed CPNs, CPNPs, or PMHSs to regain their certification.

  • Certifications must be reinstated within 12 months of lapsing.
  • The reinstatement period begins 3/1 of the certification expiration year and ends 2/28 of the following year. If this time frame is missed, you must meet current exam eligibility requirements and retest to become certified again.
  • Each individual certification may be reinstated one time.
  • Please review the CPNCPNP or PMHS Request for Reinstatement for additional information.
  • Questions? Please contact

Faces of Certification

PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the US and beyond. Share your photo today!

Dorothy Chinnock, CPNP-PC Northern Valley Indian Health Chico, CA
Raulin Feria, CPN Huntington Memorial Hospital Pasadena, CA
Latasha Ivey, CPN Sibley Heart Center Cardiology Atlanta, GA
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