PMHS Recertification FAQs

PMHS Recertification FAQs


What are the basic requirements to recertify my PMHS credential?

For full details on your renewal requirements below, see your PMHS Recert Guide.

  1. Maintain any advanced practice certification (NP or CNS) that was required per PMHS exam eligibility criteria.
  2. Maintain current, active, unencumbered US or Canadian advanced practice nursing licensure.
  3. Complete an equivalent of 15 contact hours of pediatric developmental/behavioral/mental health (DBMH) annually including 30 pediatric psychopharmacology hours during your 7-year Recert Cycle.

When do I recertify my PMHS credential?

PMHS Recert is annual. You recertify as a PMHS between November 1 and January 31 prior to your wallet card expiration date. Download your PDF guide to learn more about Recert, required activities, and how the process works.

Where can I find pediatric psychopharmacology or other PMHS-related CE?

  1. Explore applicable PNCB Pediatric Updates
  2. We also offer a curated list of all PNCB CE related to PMHS here.
  3. Other CE sources for consideration are listed here, some with pediatric psychopharmacology. 

Can I recertify if I no longer hold an APRN license? Can I recertify if I no longer hold an RN license?

A current, active, unencumbered advanced practice RN (APRN) license is required to maintain PMHS certification. An RN license is not required.

Can I recertify if I no longer hold a certification required for PMHS eligibility?

On the recertification application, you are required to attest that a primary certification (NP or CNS) per PMHS exam eligibility requirements is active and in good standing. It may be a different certification than what you held when meeting PMHS exam criteria (e.g., an FNP who has since become PNP certified or someone who has changed boards), but you must hold one of those foundational certifications.

Can I recertify if I’m no longer practicing in a setting where my PMHS credential is applicable?

Yes, as long as you can continue to meet PMHS recertification requirements.

Can CE I earned for my PMHS recertification also be used for my PNCB Primary Care or Dual Primary Care/ Acute Care CPNP recertification?

Yes. Because PMHS is an added specialty credential with a primary care focus, CE you earn in support of PMHS recertification also supports CPNP-PC and CPNP-PC/AC dual continuing competency. If you hold only Acute Care CPNP certification, you are not eligible to take the PMHS exam, and therefore PMHS-related CE will not be accepted for Acute Care CPNP recertification.

If I am also a CPNP-PC or CPNP-PC/AC or CPN, do I need to complete 2 separate Recert applications, one for each credential?

Yes. Please note that recertifying your CPNP-PC or CPNP-PC/AC credential does not recertify your PMHS credential or vice versa. Recertification programs are consistent with the professional scopes and standards of practice for roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of nursing awards can be counted for a recertification PPL option?

Examples of awards include but are not limited to: PNCB, Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN), or National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) annual awards, Daisy Award, Nightingale Award, GEM Award, or Magnet Nurse of the Year.  

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