Apply to Write Exam Questions

Applications Due 05/15
March 26, 2024

When you prepared for your PNCB certification exam (which may have been more recently or some time ago), you may have wondered who wrote the questions (items) or how it was decided that they were appropriate for determining qualification for certification. 
You can learn more here about our rigorous exam development process required for accreditation of PNCB’s certifications. 
You can also become a part of our team of volunteer item writers.
These volunteers learn about best practices for writing exam questions and then submit an annual assignment of 7 new items for each of the 3 years of their term of service. 
PNCB offers two instructional modes for learning about item writing:

  • In-Person Workshop
  • Self-Paced Learning Program


Our annual recruitment drive for new items writers begins today, and applications are due by May 15, 2024
Visit our Item Writer Opportunity webpage to learn more about the role, benefits, application process, learning modalities, and our terms of service. The link to this application can also be found on this webpage. 


If you have already served as an item writer or in another capacity as a PNCB volunteer, please consider sending this information to others you know who hold one of our certifications and have skills that may be especially well-suited for this role. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that PNCB’s certification exams remain current and relevant to practice. 


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