New Resource: Competency Framework for Pediatric Nurses

February 24, 2021

In the spring of 2020, Certified Pediatric Nurses helped validate PNCB’s Competency Framework for Pediatric Nurses. Our goal was to better understand how pediatric nurses progress in their professional role over time. This research will also support our Continuing Competence Initiative as we explore links between continuing competence and recertification activities. 

In the Framework study, we asked nurses to validate professional growth related to 6 role-based competency areas:

  1. Clinician
  2. Collaborator
  3. Advocate
  4. Educator
  5. Leader
  6. Innovator

Each competency area includes several exemplars of ways that the competency is manifested in practice. Developmental progressions associated with each exemplar reflect progressions of increasing proficiency that may be achieved over time and with experience based on interests and aptitudes, as well as organizational facilitators and barriers. Potential uses of this document include:

  • supplying a basis for consideration of future updates to PNCB’s Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN®) recertification program requirements, which is one goal of PNCB’s multi-year Continuing Competence Initiative. 
  • establishing benchmarks for individual nurses and student nurses when engaging in self-assessment and self-reflection during their personal career journeys. 
  • assisting RN faculty, clinical educators, staff development nurses, and nursing leadership in explaining career progression, setting goals with nurses, and evaluating nurses’ performance to ensure a competent workforce. 
  • providing information that may be of interest to employers, hospitals, organizations, and human resources personnel for staff development purposes.

This framework is intended to be a guideline, not a standard. It is not expected that all pediatric nurses will attain Level 3 milestones in all competency areas or exemplars during their careers. Read and share the executive summary: The Development & Validation of a Competency Framework for Pediatric Nurses

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